Still alive at 35

Yesterday I turned 35 years old!  Most women don’t like to celebrate their birthdays, or at least the getting older part.  I, on the other hand, love celebrating getting another year older.  Getting older when you have CF is a blessing because so many with CF don’t get the privilege of getting older.  Statistics aren’t everything because if they were I wouldn’t be here.  When I was born, the “life expectancy” was 12.  Obviously I have surpassed that.  The age of “life expectancy” keeps moving up which is great!  I put “life expectancy” in quotes because I don’t live by those restrictions.  I have lost friends of all ages so that number really means nothing to me.  

Now back to it being my birthday….hahaha.  Even though I am not feeling well and on IVs I celebrated the whole weekend.  We went to a hibachi (cook in front of you) restaurant with a group of friends Friday night then to hear some live music.  Sunday we went to a Super Bowl party where a group of our friends sang happy birthday to me loudly with a cake to boot!  It was a great birthday if you ask me.  Thank you to all of my friends who helped me celebrate.

Health update:  I am not feeling good today.  I am achy, my stomach is all blah, my lungs are sore, I am all around blah today.  I went for blood work this morning as per the usual when on IVs.  I go again on Thursday for more blood work.  I repeat the same routine next week just throw in a clinic appointment on Thursday.  To answer the ever so popular question of “Are you feeling better?”  That would be a big fat NO!  If I will be feeling better I hopefully will start to “feel better” soon, it’s usually within the first 5 days or so.  My first dose of IVs wasn’t until 10pm on Friday night.  Now we sit, wait and pray that the antibiotics kick in and do their job.

Until next time…

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