Stubborn kidneys

Another day in the books…  I am still nauseous and my eyes feel like they can’t focus at times.  I have pretty much no appetite and nothing sounds good at all but I keep snacking to keep my calories somewhat up.  My calorie intake is defiantly not where it needs to be but some is better than none.  My creatinine has been on a roller coaster.  So here are the numbers.  Monday it was 5.3, yesterday in the ER before fluids it was 5.99, last night after a bag of fluid and half a bag of fluid with sodium bicarb it was 5.6 and this morning it was 5.8.  As I said before the normal range is .5 – 1.1.

The kidney doc came to see me this morning as did the Internal Medicine resident.  My body seems to go rogue often and puzzle doctors.  I sure make them prove their credentials.  I don’t know that my body has ever gone by the book.  The kidney doc said that the ultrasound looked fine and there was nothing alarming there.  If my creatinine numbers don’t go down with the fluids I will have to do dialysis to filter them out.  Dialysis would be temporary in order to get my numbers down.  After that would be a biopsy of the kidney but that was not even talked about.  I am urinating fine although my urine is foamy, weird huh.  Haha  I am not swollen with water retention,  having back/kidney pain or having problems urinating which is what would be normal symptoms.  Our hope is that my numbers start to trend downward with the sodium bicarb fluids.  They will redraw levels in the morning.

I am very worn out and tired.  It takes a lot out of you when one of your organs is not working right.  I have a few of them not behaving so needless to say I am wiped out!  Of course I try to sleep as much as possible but everyone and their cousin comes in my room to make sure I’m breathing.  Don’t take it personally if I don’t respond to your texts, calls, fb messages or fb posts, I’m trying to rest.  Know that I appreciate your thoughts and prayers very much, as does my family.  Keep praying that my creatinine goes down to normal range.

I know I’m sick when I don’t care that I’m in the hospital and would rather be here.  It’s weird how that works out. I mustered up enough energy to wash my hair and get cleaned up today.  Stay tuned for updates.

Until next time…

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