Kidneys causing first club med trip in TN

It has taken me almost 4 hours to get online.  UTs wifi sucks!  I hope this loads…

I received a call from my nurse saying that my creatinine (kidney level) was high on my labs yesterday.  The normal range for a female is .5-1.1.  Mine was 5.34!!!  I was told to head to the ER for fluids and to be admitted.  Oh joy.  Honestly I feel bad enough that I actually don’t mind being admitted.  I’m just ready to feel better.  Saturday night around 8pm or 9pm I got very nauseous.  I was in bed sleeping all day on Sunday.  I had an appointment for my regular labs while on IVs yesterday afternoon.  I managed enough energy to get to the hospital and back home.  I have been fuzzy headed and kind of blurry vision along with tired and worn out,I was thinking I caught some virus or something then when I received the call from my nurse about my kidney level, all of my symptoms made more sense.  My nurse said, “I know you husband is at work but I don’t know if you should be driving.”  I packed a bag and we were off to the hospital when my husband got home about 25 min later.  I do have to say that it is nice only being 20-25 min from the hospital compared to the hour plus I used to be back in Missouri.

I got into a room relatively fast considering I came in through the ER.  My nurse called ahead to let them know I was coming.  I was in the ER for 4.5 hours.  I got labs drawn, a bag of fluid in the ER and a chest x-ray.  My creatinine went up to 5.99 from 5.34  before I had any fluids.  Once I got into my room they started the second bag that had 5% dextrose and 8.4% sodium bicarb.  They will be rechecking my levels once they are done with shift change.  I also had a ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder.  They have run more tests on my urine and sent sputum for cultures.  My doctor came in and we (husband, doc and myself) brain stormed as to where this could have come from seemingly out of nowhere.  There are multiple reasons as to why this happened.  It could one or both of the antibiotics.  It could be that the tubes leading into my kidneys could be clogged.  It could be kidney stones.  It could be a virus.  It could a multitude of this.  Tonight and tomorrow our focus is getting these creatinine levels down.

Once the numbers are down we can figure out what antibiotics we can try.  We don’t want to add to the kidney problems right now.  A lot of antibiotics are filtered through your kidneys thus can cause issues.  My sputum is thick and green which is not what we want.  We want lighter in color and thinner.  I don’t know that these antibiotics helped.

I’m sure I will be here at least until Friday but more likely it will be Monday or later.  They are going to want to watch me on whatever antibiotics they choose to make sure my kidney levels are behaving.  All I know is I am worn out and tired.  My cough has increased but is loose so that’s good.  When I have a coughing fit my head wants to explode and I see stars.  I like a starry sky but not like that.

Until next time…

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