Normal creatinine

I had labs drawn yesterday to check my creatinine levels again.  After 2 sticks and barely enough blood I went home to wait for results.  My creatinine was 1.03 yesterday!!!  Remember, normal range is .5 – 1.1 so I am barely in there but I’m in there.  The 1.03 is a long way from the 5.99 I was in the ER a week ago.  My numbers are now in the normal range but I am feeling far from “normal” again.  

I am so worn out and tired still.  I am still filling in the blanks from being out of it.  It is amazing how you can not remember conversations you had or even who you spoke to.  I am not a fan of it that’s for sure.  I am still being reminded of things I said or missed.  It makes me feel dumb and frustrated that I have missing info.  I already have a horrible memory so this doesn’t help the matter.  hahaha

I have been resting and taking it easy since I have nothing else to do with no energy.  I feel like a bump on a log and useless at times.  I don’t like not having energy to do things.  I don’t “sit” and watch things be done well.  My husband is great and takes great care of me and all the things at home all while keeping up with his work and masters degree classes.  I am truly blessed to have him.

A few days ago I was having a “this really sucks, I’m sick and won’t get better” day.  There are days where I am reminded that I have CF with what feels like a smack in the face.  The normal everyday stuff is my usual so that doesn’t always remind me that I am sick because I have been doing it for so long.  I have been very frustrated that I don’t have loads of energy and that I’m not back to feeling good quickly.  It just reminds me that CF is progressive, will never get better and only get worse.  Yes, I will have plateaus from here on out but generally speaking I will progressively get worse, slowly but still worse none the less.  I don’t say those things to be morbid or to make people think that I am giving up because I’m not.  I have bad days where living just plain sucks with all the stuff I have to do but that doesn’t mean that I am done living.  This is just me being real and sharing with you all what really goes through my mind.

I wasn’t scared during the whole ordeal last week but then again maybe I didn’t know that there was a reason to be with my blurry brain.  Just another reminder that my body doesn’t play nice.  My husband is great about “talking me down” when I tell him the things that go through my mind.  It is just real talk.  There will only be more of these days to come but I have a great support system that helps me more than they even know.

Now that I am done with all that talk….  I had a decent day today.  I went tanning and ran some errands and did a few chores around the house.  It felt good to do something.  A little every day and I will be back to my normal “lazy” in no time!  I have 10 days until my sisters weekend on the beach and I could not be more excited.  I am taking it easy in those next 10 days so that I can enjoy every second of my time with my sister.  She only teased me by coming to see me and then leaving.  I would have thrown a bigger fit about her leaving if I wasn’t going to be seeing her so soon again.

I have an appointment on Thursday for a follow up from my hospital stay.  I’m not sure if they will check my creatinine level again or not.

One of our really good friends is retiring from the Air Force and as part of his retirement party they are taking donations for the CF Foundation.  I was in awe when I found out they were doing that.  I can’t get over how supportive our friends are.  We do have a cornhole tournament coming up in July that we are doing in place of the Great Strides walk this year.  We are super excited about that.

Also don’t forget that Shannonigans gear is for sale until May 17th!  Don’t wait!  Order now!  I think I am getting one of each item!  Man I rambled in this post, sorry about that.

Until next time…

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