Hospital follow up today

Today was a decent day.  I had my follow up from my hospital stay today.  We did the usual clinic stuff.  My weight is up a few pounds since my last visit.  I’m sure it is all the good food and lots of snacks that we have been blessed with over the last week.  I’m not complaining because I need the calories and fat.  The thing is, all of my gummy bears and Snickers bites have already disappeared.  That may or may not have something to do with those few extra pounds. 🙂 My lung functions are holding steady at FEV1 of 1.39 / 47%.  They aren’t great but they are steady so I’ll take it.  They were all very concerned with how my kidneys decided to take a nose dive, or well a spike I guess out of nowhere.  I gave them a scare and they were all racking their brains for causes and solutions.  

We drew more blood today to check my creatinine again along with thyroid, iron levels and other things.  I might be anemic which wouldn’t surprise me really.  We are just checking everything that we can to maybe give us answers as to why I am worn out and tired a lot.  Of course the kidney issue right now is one of the main reasons I am tired and worn out because it will take a little bit of time for my body to recoup.  I am feeling a little better each day in the big picture but not significantly all at once which of course I want.  There are times I tap the ol energy keg quick so I do what I can without wearing myself out too much.  I’m stock piling my energy for my sisters weekend getaway.  haha

All in all a good day and a good appointment.  We are still keeping an eye on my asthma side of things also because a lot of times asthma kicks in and takes over then invites the Pseudomonas in my lungs to join the party.  We are trying to keep that from happening or even to slow down the frequency of it.  I have good lung days and bad lung days.  Good days, I do all that I can.  Bad days, I lay low and don’t do much because being out of breath, wheezy and drained is no fun.  Thank you again for all of your thoughts, prayers and support!

Reminder:  Get your Shannonigans gear!  May 17th is the last day to order…24 days left to order!!!  Thank you for all of your support in this!!

Until next time…

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