Update on life

I’m on day 11 with 10 days left of a 21 day IV course.  My labs (Amikacin levels, creatinine and BUN) have been great!  I have steered clear of ibuprofen and done my best to stay hydrated.  With all of that said, I am feeling “better.”  I put better in quotes because that is a term I use sparingly.  It is hard for me to say I’m “better” because I don’t want to jinx myself.  I also want people to understand that “better” in my CF vocabulary is more of a “better than I was” and/or “better for now.”  I don’t say that in a woe is me or with a grim tone at all.  It is to show the reality of my life with CF.  I embrace every “feeling better” day and do everything that I can on those days.  

I had a trip planned to the Chicago area for mid-June to visit a friend and to celebrate her daughters 2nd birthday.  Then I started IVs and was scheduled for labs every Monday, Wednesday an Friday.  Of course my labs went into when I was planning to be gone.  We were able to figure out a plan too allow me to leave pretty close to when I had originally planned.  As long as my labs are still good next week I can skip Friday’s labs and finish IVs that Saturday, that being day 21.

I decided to throw in one more thing to do in the next 2-3 weeks.  It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to squeeze everything in when the time is good.  Monday, I am being evaluated for LASIK eye surgery.  Hopefully my eyeballs are bad/good enough to have the surgery.  I have been wanting to have LASIK for years!  I have been needing to wear my glasses much more as my contacts have been bothering me.  If I am cleared for surgery, the surgery should be on Wednesday the 17th.  The penny pincher side of me is having a hard time forking out the money for the surgery but I hear that it is well worth it.  I have a hard time spending money.  I’m always thinking of where else the money could go.

My husband and I just celebrated 5 years of marriage.  We spent the weekend in Nashville celebrating and sealed the weekend off with the Garth Brooks concert back in Knoxville.  It was such a great weekend and the concert was fantastic!

As you can see in my picture on my blog that I have 2 fur babies that I love very much.  They are our babies.  We had to board them for the first time while we were gone in Nashville.  We missed them very much and what do ya know, they survived.  haha

I was asked to share my story with the CF foundation back in KC for their Wine Opener fundraiser.  I am honored and love educating people!  Here is the write up.   (see below)  https://www.facebook.com/hoacff/photos/a.436874380895.238784.86832050895/10152839051170896/?type=1&theater

Finally, we had a very successful Shannonigans gear sale this time!  I want to thank everyone that ordered!  Your support means a ton!  We are getting ready for the Cornhole Tournament for CF (https://www.facebook.com/cornholeforcf) that we are hosting on Saturday, July 11th!  There will be a raffle for a custom set of cornhole boards!  Please go like the above Facebook page for more information.

Until next time..

.Story on HOACFF

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