X-ray results

The chest X-ray I took yesterday afternoon showed consolidation in my upper right lobe where I have been having the pain. Consolidation means that the upper right lobe (where my pain is) has condensed infection and possibly blood that is settled in there and not moving.  I have not coughed up any blood recently (last week or so) so hopefully there is no blood.

Welcoming back “Oscar” by popular demand. Haha.  The plan is to start Amikacin and Aztreonam antibiotics at home. If I begin to cough up blood or feel the need for supplemental oxygen/having lowered O2 sats I will need to be admitted.  I’m going to the hospital in a few hours for pre IV labs to make sure everything is good and for baseline in general without the antibiotics in my system.

Here’s to 21 days of lack of sleep, nausea, lack of appetite, living by the alarm clock and possibly grumpiness. I warned you. Haha.  Yet another Thanksgiving/holiday on IVs. Ahhh life with CF, it takes no breaks that’s for sure.  I’ll keep you all updated as the days progress on IVs.

Until next time…

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