Clinical Dx: Crapola

I emailed my nurse yesterday to let her know I was not feeling any better since my 2 weeks of IVs ends tomorrow.  I asked what my sensitivities were showing on my sputum culture.  I am now resistant to the Amikacin, meaning that in the lab the Amikacin isn’t killing the pseudomonas that is in my lungs. This means I need a med change. With my long list of drug allergies and the limited list of drugs that are showing sensitivity, it is hard to pick a med.

Looks like my long streak (28 months) since moving to TN of no hospital admissions due to an exacerbations (lung infection flare up) is coming to a screeching hault.

I’m being admitted tomorrow. They will call when a bed is ready. Hopefully it’s in the morning so that things can get going. It’s the hospital waiting game though so you never know, which I’m used too. The doctor wants to put me on Colistin which is harder on the kidneys than the Amikacin and I don’t tolerate the inhaled version of it. Therefore they want me inpatient so I can be observed closer. Hope to only be in for 3-5 days. Long enough to get the dosing right and show some improvement, then home to finish the 2 or 3 week course of IVs. I will continue the Aztreonam as of right now.

Two days ago I aquired a new pain in my lower left side in the back, by the kidneys. My creatinine and BUN have been good so hopefully it is nothing. They will check that while I’m in as well.

So to explain the title of this post, I feel like crapola and just want to be better. You know I’m not good when I don’t fight the words “we want to admit you.” Just make me better please!! I’ll keep you all updated as I know more.

Until next time…

(Ignore any typos…updating from my phone)

8 thoughts on “Clinical Dx: Crapola

  1. Get better, Shannon. I know that when Megan had IV Colistin, they just increased her maintenance fluids to flush her kidneys. I’m sure you will be in good hands. Obey your drs and cough hard and get that crap out–good deep huffs!! I’ll be praying for you. Hope you got your gift from CA. Love ya,

  2. When you know you need to go in, it is almost a relief because they will be able to sort things out. (Un)fortunately, it is the best place for you right now. Crossing fingers things go quickly. Cyster love ❤

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