Hospital life

I am all settled in my room. I have had my first dose of Colistin which is IV push every 12 hours.  IV push is when the medicine is in a syringe that is pushed straight into my port line over 3-5 minutes and not in a bag through the IV pump. I tolerated it well and didn’t need any Benadryl which is good. I am on IV fluids 24/7 to keep my system flushed, hydrated and to keep my kidneys working good.  The doctor wants to do a broad spectrum antibiotic to cover MRSA in case I culture it in my new sputum culture. I have never cultured it before so I don’t think I will now but this is me who we are talking about so you never know. 

They will repeat the chest X-ray to see what we are working with. The doc did ask if I have ever benefited from a bronchoscopy (a scope into the lungs).  I told him that I have only had one and ended up on the vent for 12-18 hours (can’t remember) because of my asthma causing my airways to spasm. I wasn’t expecting to be on the vent so it was a shock when I woke up on it. Now that I know that will always be a possibility if/when I have a bronch I can prepare myself mentally. With all of that said, he was only asking so he knew for future reference.

I’m still having the pain in my lower left side/back. I have them baffled of course because it doesn’t hurt when they push or tap on it but it stabs me when I breathe deep and cough. I also have a doosey of a headache right now. Welcome to my body aka a medical mystery. Haha

Now the normal hospital life begins…resting (as much as the hospital allows), 4 breathing and vest treatments a day, IV antibiotics, IV fluids, labs, and whatever testing they want. This normal to me. I know some people think that it is weird that I can accept this as my normal or sad but it is my life which I love. It may not be easy either but I try to make the best of it. Oh and no I don’t have a clue how long I will be here. I’m assuming I will be here until at least Monday because getting out on a weekend when you are going home on IV is not easy as it is not a normal business day. I will keep you all posted. Thank you for anyone all positive thoughts and prayers.

Oh yeah I counted how many times I have been on IVs at home since moving to TN 28 months ago.  Grand total is 10! Once in 2013 (August into September), 4 times in 2014 (March, May, August/September, October/November), 5 times this year (February, April, May/June, September, November/December). This does not include the time I was admitted for acute kidney failure mid April. I wanted this in print so I would have it for reference when needed.

Until next time…

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