Weekend Update

It has been an interesting weekend here in lock up. Last night, well this morning really around 4am, I had a reaction to something and I was itching like crazy! My legs were on fire and I could not quit itching. I was given 25mg of IV Benadryl and 30 minutes later I was still itching.

I had my nurse call the doctor so I could get more Benadryl because I needed relief. I got the OK and that did the trick. I’m thinking the reaction was from the IV Dilaudid comboed with the oral Percocet. I took both due to my back pain since Dilaudid is quick acting and Percocet takes a bit since it is oral. Pain meds in general have the side effect of itchiness.

I was up from about 3am until about 6:30am dealing with the itching. Today I have bruises on my legs from itching so roughly and my skin on my legs is so sensitive to the touch.

The top left is a hive on my arm. The other limb pictures are my legs. I also have red patches on my face. The red splotches have been there since Friday I think. My face feels like when it gets sunburnt and the skin tightens and is dry. Not sure what is causing it but it is annoying.  I was able to deaccess my port and take a shower. The hot water hurt my face and my legs but I powered through it.

I have been pre-dosing with Benadryl before the Colistin to be safe. We are still waiting to hear what my sputum culture shows as far as what antibiotics should work (showing antibiotic sensitivity in the lab). I could be on the wrong antibiotics per what the culture sensitivities show. If that’s the case we will be changing the antibiotics yet again. Hopefully that won’t happen though.

Today was a catch up on sleep day and lazy however I did accomplish a shower and sometimes that is enough for the day. Hopefully we are heading in the right direction. I might be “slightly better” but I hate saying “I’m better” because if I am not better enough to actually have visible proof or end up feeling worse the next day I feel like I jinxed myself. Also, saying I’m “better” may make some people think I’m ALL better and not sick anymore which is not the case. It’s not that I’m having a negative attitude, it’s my reality.

Here’s to a better week coming up.

Until next time…

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