It’s Monday in lock up

I actually slept decent last night thanks to Ambien and sweat a ton! I’ve been sweating a lot at night. I usually have night sweats most nights but they are much worse when I’m actively sick. Maybe I’m sweating all the CF out. Hahaha Just kidding. That would be nice though. I would have a sauna installed at home if that were the case.

I have been able to sleep pretty late considering all that goes on in the hospital and how much real sleep one usually gets while inpatient. Most nurses know not to come in “guns a blazin” when it is time for IVs/meds. If they do I will quickly let them know their actions and enthusiasm are not wanted. It helps when you have the same nurses day after day, until they decide to take a silly day off and mess up the routine. Haha

Monday means there is a new floor/unit doctor for the week. I hadn’t met this doc before. She was nice. It is always interesting to see what things they will change/tweak because every doctor has their go to “treatment-isms.” It is also very interesting to me how much each doctor varies in the way they treat, even doctors in the same group/practice. Not to mention when I compare CF care plans and clinic norms with fellow CFers.

My sputum culture growth and drug sensitivities are still not final. Interesting enough, one culture show sensitivity to Aztreonam, the next showed resistant and the next showed sensitive. You just never know what will show up. Today they added IV Cipro on top of the two I’m already on, Colistin and Aztreonam. All 3 are in different classes of antibiotics so basically they are hitting the pseudomonas from all sides. Kill it ALL! Well that will never happen but we can knock it silly for awhile so it won’t fight back as hard and cause problems for awhile.

So if you are keeping notes, not that you are but… Aztreonam is every 6 hours, Colistin is every 12 hours and Cipro is every 8 hours. Yowza!! So basically I am in stand still until I miraculously get cured over night. My itchiness is much better. There have been no more episodes of wanting to rip my leg skin off, so that’s a start. I took a different histamine blocker, hydroxyzine, to see if it helps more than Benadryl. It seemed to help the red splotches on my face and the dry/tightness on my face as well. This evening my face started to bother me again so I took the hydroxyzine again.

I still don’t know when I will be paroled. I might know more tomorrow when I see the doc if she has final culture results. I’m not holding my breath for a release date, I’m just going with the flow and taking it day by day. I’ll update when there is something to update about.

Until next time…

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