Day 6

Today is brought to you by the letter C. C stands for change and there has been a lot of that going on here the last 6 days. 

Cultures are finally back. I gave 2 sputum specimens, 1 Thursday and 1 Friday.  Each showed a different strand of pseudomonas but both pseudomonas nonetheless. We stopped the Aztreonam and Colostin. We are keeping the cipro and started Zoysn. That is all per what the culture sensitivities showed.  I’m also starting a burst of steroids because I’m still right and my cough is tight. Steroid of choice while I’m in here is solumedrol IV, 3 times a day. It is about the equivalent of 60mg prednisone. After the initial burst I will taper off. The reason for the steroids are because my asthma is not playing nice with all of this. My chest is still tight and wheezy as is my cough which means I’m short of breath most of the time. I know that at some point “short of breath” will be my all the time norm but I’m not ready for that quite yet so hopefully the steroids help.

If I continue to tolerate these 2 antibiotics together along with the steroids AND I am showing improvement or at least no steps backwards I can possibly look at being paroled in 2 or 3 days. I need at least 48 hours in here on the new cocktail which didn’t get started until tonight. My guess is Friday if all goes well which will end up being a total of 9 days in lock up. Once I’m home I will be on another 3 weeks of IVs. This will make it a total of 6 weeks on IVs this time.  That’s 10 days of November and all of December folks! My New Years resolution will be to pull my needle and not be on IVs in January. Haha

Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. It means a lot to me and my family. My poor husband has been on MSgt duty, dad duty and bonus mom duty. He is worn out. I can’t thank him enough for all he does for me and our family. I can’t help but to feel bad for being out of commission and not being to help and just do my normal stuff. He of course he says don’t feel bad because it’s what you gotta do to get better but it’s hard not too. It is hard being the weak one, needing help and admitting I can’t do it all on my own.  Anyway, that’s what’s new here.

Until next time…

One thought on “Day 6

  1. sending love and prayers to you and your hubby. This isn’t easy, but I am so happy that you do have one another. I am so happy for the support and devotion and encouragement that he gives you.

    You will get through this. You are so strong. Keep kicking a–!!

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