My rock and best friend

I came across an article on Facebook and found it interesting and well written. I was going to share the article on FB but decided that my post would quickly become as long as a blog post, therefore I’m posting here.

The title of the post/article is What It Is Like to Have A Partner with Cystic Fibrosis. It is written by a woman who’s boyfriend has CF. The article speaks of how she feels about loving someone with CF, from when she first learned about CF to the future and inevitable death talk.

I’m sure my husband can relate to this article. They both say things that we both have said in our conversations over the years. From day one of our reconnection (after 15+ years) my husband had to think about how he wanted to move forward with our relationship. He had 2 kids to think of and of course himself. It is not easy loving someone with a genetic progressive disease knowing they will most likely be taken sooner than we want. In that situation you have decide if it is better to loved and lost than to love at all. Do you want to cherish all the time you can get with the one you love? You may possibly miss out on your one true love out of fear. With that said, loving someone with a incurable disease (or any disability for that matter) is not easy and isn’t for everyone. If it’s not for you, don’t lead someone on and cut ties. It is better for everyone that way. The person with the illness will thank you in the long run, not having to live with some who isn’t happy with them and possibly resents them.

I had to overcome the fear of letting someone love me and accept me and all of my lovely things of CF. it wasn’t easy. I came from a marriage where my ex never wanted to speak about CF in the real and ultimately didn’t want to deal with it. Unfortunately I didn’t have that choice so I had to pres on in life with CF.

I am so blessed to have my husband in my life. He loves me so much, so much sometimes that sometimes I have to remind myself that it is real and I deserve it. It should say that is much less as the years go on. It is nothing he has done but what I’ve had to endure in my past. That’s why I like to say I am living the fairy tale one breath at a time. He is great about keeping everything going while I’m in lock up and even when I’m worn out and sick at home and need to rest. He goes above and beyond to make sure I have what I need. He will go without if need be. He is my rock and my best friend. My husband doesn’t want recognition for all he he does. He says, “it’s our life, that’s what a husband does for his wife whom he loves and cares about.” That doesn’t stop me from thanking him for everyone does all the time. I never want him to forget how much he is appreciated.

If you have a chance read the above article I posted, it is good.

Health update later, if there is one worth posting.

Until next time…

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