Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I figured I would update before the craziness of the holidays commence.  The lung pain from the pulled muscle that started last Monday has finally subsided.  That was a brutal week of pain.  I usually push through but when it comes to not being able to breath a decent breath and cough without horrendous pain and tears then please give me drugs (legal that is)!  I’ve learned when to be superwoman and when to let that down. 

The pain that was in the right front is gone for the most part.  Now there is referred pain in my back directly behind where the pain in the front was.  Basically it is from me compensating for the front side pain.  The back pain is tolerable right now with ibuprofen.  I am heading in the right direction so I’ll take it.

I am defiantly better than I was when I started IVs on November 20th and when I was admitted to lock up (aka the hospital) on December 3rd.  I have been resting and taking it easy.  Of course I have my usual random bursts of energy when I’m sick which is when things like laundry gets going, easy cleaning or errands are run.  Then when I’m done I crash and have to recoup.

I am set to finish IVs on Tuesday the 29th.  I will have been on IVs a total of 5 weeks and 4 days from start to finish.  My next CF clinic appointment isn’t until January 21st, so we shall see what they say and what my lung functions look like then.  I’m not expecting them to be that great.  Sometime I feel like they aren’t going to be good and I surprise myself.

We are taking it easy  over the holidays so that I don’t overdo it and get too worn out.  Plus trying to avoid sick people.  I NEED to get better and stay better.

From our family to yours….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Stay safe!

Until next time…

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