A little of this and a little of that

Let’s see….where to start.  It’s been 7 days since my power port was placed.  I’m healing nicely.  There has been minimal swelling and bruising.  The most painful part is the incision healing.  I have been using ice packs for the swelling and bruising.  There is a steri-strip over the incision that will come off when it’s ready.  I sure do want to rip it off though, it is making it to where if I move a certain way it pulls and is painful.  

Above are 2 pictures of the port site today.  Nice huh?  haha  So no it isn’t HUGE like it appeared in the other pictures I shared.  It is maybe the size of a quarter or a bit smaller.

Next up…My nurse called yesterday with my sputum culture results from clinic last Thursday.  I’m culturing my usual pseudomonas and a new one, yay me! Achromobacter xylosoxidans….umm ok, abracadabra xylophones, got it. Hahah 🙃.  My nurse said if we go the oral route it would be Levaquin and Bactrim….umm if that’s the case kill me now. My joints and gut would be a mess. The last time I was released from the hospital they switched me from IV Levaquin to oral and I ended up needing to predose with zofran and then phergen to make it through. No thank you. They have to get the ok from vascular who put my port in that it is ok to use because in the past vascular has told the CF clinic not to use new ports for 2 weeks. On my discharge it said I could use it that day if needed and the doc told myself and my husband. So they just have to verify it is ok to use with the doctor that put it in.

So it looks like I’ll be starting 3 weeks of IVs just in time for a busy month.  I will be done with IVs on Friday the 3rd (21 days) and then we are off to Barnes for transplant evaluation on the 5th (8.5 hour drive there).  The testing starts bright and early Monday morning the 6th and lasts until the 9th.  We have a small little getaway planned Father’s Day weekend.  However, in theory I should be feeling “better” after 3 weeks of IVs and be able to manage being on the go, or so I hope.  Ugh. Life with CF is never lame and always busy and never at a good time.

Final update…I had the intercostal block injections in my back for the rib pain I have been having.  They inject in the back in between the ribs with a numbing medicine and a steroid for the inflammation which in turn works on the whole rib area, so it goes all the way to the front.  It can take 2-3 injections for it to work all the way.  I follow up in a few weeks and they already scheduled me for another injection but it just so happens to be for when I’m gone for my evaluation, I’ll be rescheduling that.  So far so good today.  Oh wait, of course my first peripheral IV infiltrated which means came out of the vein and the saline was going into my arm and not the vein making a lump of fluid under the skin.  The second peripheral was also positional and sensitive but it worked long enough to get me the versed and fentanyl for the procedure.  The procedure was uncomfortable but manageable.

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Until Next time…

One thought on “A little of this and a little of that

  1. The Drury Inn Forest Park on Sulphur Avenue gives a good discount for patients at Barnes Jewish. It also includes big breakfast, and big dinner and three free drinks, soft drinks and popcorn. Very good deal and will save you $$

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