Pain Clinic follow up

I saw the pain clinic today for a follow up from the last set of injections.  We have run the course of steroid injections (intercostal blocks) so now it is on to plan B.  Plan B consists of trying Gabapentin, generic Neurontin.  The hope is that the Gabapentin will stop the nerve pain where the fractured rib is.  Basically it is the hope that it will make the nerves not know that there is pain in the rib area.

I am much better in terms of how much pain I was in back in February when this began but there is a little bit more work to be done.  We are not doing anymore injections for now or possibly ever.  I would say that I am 80% better since February with the 3 sets of injections (intercostal blocks) and pain meds.  Now to wait it out and see if it helps.

Depression update:  I am 1 week down on the taper off of the Effexor.  I’m having quite a few “blah” days which I am not a fan of.  I’m trying my best to push through and make it to the end of this taper and hope the Prozac works.

Until next time…

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