Hawaii – Mom’s happy place

We recently got back from Hawaii (Honolulu, Oahu).  The purpose for the trip was to spread my mom’s ashes in her favorite place on earth.  She wanted to be in Hawaii forever and ever.  We chose to spread her ashes in front of Duke’s restaurant on Waikiki beach, mom’s favorite restaurant.  It was a very special time but also surreal and will forever be a memory in my heart.

It was great seeing all of my Hawaii family and to have them be a part of mom’s final resting place.  They made it all possible and I will forever be grateful to them for helping me to accomplish this and helping make the trip possible with all the little things that added up to one heck of an amazing trip.

It was half of a family trip.  We scheduled the trip over our son’s fall break so he didn’t have to miss school.  It was his first time being to Hawaii and seeing the great big Pacific ocean and all of its glory.  He loved spending time with his cousins who were able to teach him how to boogie board and surf, even if he didn’t master it, he tried something new.  My bonus daughter had college so she was unable to join us.  Maybe we can take a trip with just her at some point in the future.

Many have asked how I did while I was in Hawaii.  The salty ocean air does wonders for my lungs even at 30% lung function.  I had my moments of coughing fits and needing oxygen as usual but overall.  I had moments of needing a break and time to relax.  I tried to listen to my body but since I was in my happy place I pushed myself so I could get in as much as I could.  I wanted to soak up every minute that I could.

Upon returning to TN so did my lovely annoying dry cough from all the allergens.  I love TN but my lungs hate it.  My lungs like a steady climate and no dramatic season changes.  My body doesn’t know what to do or how to react when the weather changes.  Hence the reason I say that Hawaii is perfect for me and my happy place.

Who knows what the future holds, we shall see. I would hope the future holds the beach being close by. hahaha

Until next time…

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