CF Clinic Day

The first bit of news is that my dad is here to visit for a week…yay!!!  He was able to be here for my CF clinic day so he was able to meet the team, or at least most of them.  Everyone that came in my room seemed to be surprised seeing him and not my husband. hahaha

Today was a good clinic day.  First of all, I actually made it to a check up appointment and I didn’t have to make an appointment before for being sick.  I have been having good days and bad days as per my normal so I was curious how my appointment would go today.  

My weight is up, which is good.  Having extra weight on me is good so that I have a little extra to work with when I am sick.  As you know when you get sick, your body fights the sickness and a lot of times you lose weight.  I can lose weight very easy for the simple fact that I burn calories just breathing and coughing.

My lung functions were up from last time.  June 30th my FEV1 was .88/30%.  Today my FEV1 was 1.05/36%.  I was honestly surprised they were up since I have been coughing a bit more.  My cough has been dry and annoying for the most part but then productive at times as well.  As usual, I have good days and bad days.  I take the good days and utilize them to my best ability, then rest on the bad days.

My lungs sounded good, looked good and all over good.  Except for one thing.  I have been having a bit of an annoying pain in my upper right lung.  I had an x-ray to see what if anything would show up, if there was anything.  The x-ray showed atelectasis which basically means I have mucus plugs in there that have air sacks around them that have collapsed around them “trapping” them in there.  I have to keep doing what I am doing with my breathing treatments, especially the vest to shake them loose to help me get them up and out of there.  I get the pleasure of taking a low dose of prednisone for a week to help with the inflammation.  Oh joy, you all know how much I love me some prednisone….NOT!!!  Luckily it is a low dose and for not very long.

Other than all that I do feel decent most days but I am achy which we think is from the Fosamax that I started taking 3 weeks ago for my osteopenia.  I am giving it another month to see if it continues and is bearable.  If I can’t stand it anymore I will stop the Fosamax and max out on my calcium and vitamin D for my osteopenia.

Mental health:  I went back on the Effexor to the dose I was on originally because the taper was hell and I couldn’t do it anymore.  My depression has been a little more bearable lately.  I also stopped using the NuvaRing in hopes that the change in my hormones would help level out my depression.  Depression sucks and it is not an easy disorder to maneuver but I am trying my best.

I have a transplant clinic check up on December 6th.  After todays clinic I’m assuming that appointment will be good but a lot can change in a month.  Oh yeah, I got my order to get my GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test)…oh how I hate that stupid test.

Until next time…

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