CF Awareness Month begins

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month.  This is the month many CF Foundations do their Great Strides fundraising walks.  I am very aware of CF every day obviously.  Now is the time to educate others.  If you have questions about CF or what I have to do every day feel free to comment on this post and I will answer them.

How my CF story began:  I was diagnosed at 5 months old due to “failure to thrive.”  I wasn’t gaining weight and as mom would put it, I was projectile vomiting and having nasty diapers therefore not gaining any weight plus my skin was salty when she would kiss me.  The doctors wanted me tested for CF.  My older brother was tested when he was a baby due to pneumonia.  The sweat test was negative for him.  When I was tested they thought it would be the same.  Boy were my parents in for a surprise.  July 2nd, 1980 is the day my parents life changed forever.  I didn’t know any better since I was a baby.  Hence the reason I always say CF is all I know, it’s my life, I know no different.  I don’t know life without pills, breathing treatments, airway clearance, multiple hours at doctors offices, gallons of blood drawn over the years and much more.

I will post more about my CF story throughout this month.  Feel free to ask questions and can make a post out of it.  You can comment on this post or send your questions to

Spread CF Awareness anyway you can!!!

Until next time…

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