A different outlook

“I will focus on what I CAN do and not what I cannot do.”  – Shannon

I had an epiphany sometime this week and the above statement came to mind.  My counselor asked me what brought it on and I said I have no idea!  The negative thoughts aren’t/weren’t getting me anywhere so I figured I needed to try something new.  So with that said, I’m trying to have a better outlook.  Enough from the pitty party host.  I need to change my way of thinking.

I finished IVs last Thursday.  I am feeling ok.  I cultured multi drug resistant pseudomonas which means there are only a few if any antibiotics will work.  Basically the IVs were a bandaid until the next time the symptoms (increased cough, increased fatigue, increased sputum, etc) come back.  It is just the way things are and I just have to deal.

I have busy next month and a half or so.  Hopefully the 2 weeks of IVs will have done the trick and keep me going for as long as I need to be going.  My favorite season is coming…SUMMER!!!!!  I hate being sick in the summer because that means that I can’t enjoy the sun like I love to when I’m on IVs.  I am going to try my best to enjoy as much of the summer as possible without complaining too much. hahaha

In other news we have decided to make the 3rd Annual Shannonigans Fundraiser a Trivia and Singo Night!  The fundraiser will be September 9th.  More to come soon.

Until next time…

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