Clinic check up

Today was originally a regular follow up but became an IV check up. All looks good. My weight is down a little from all the antibiotics wreaking havoc on my gut. My FEV1 was down a smidge to 34%/.98L but still around my baseline. I also had a dexa scan (bone density). I have a dexa every 2 years to check my bone health. In 2016 my scan showed osteopenia which is a step before osteoporosis. It just means that my bones are a little weak. With CF I don’t absorb nutrients normally because of my bad pancreas therefore I have to take vitamin and calcium supplements.

Today’s battle has been depression and anxiety. I was fine on my birthday and then BAM 2 days later in bed having no desire to do anything. I’m pushing myself the best I can hoping it will just go away and I will be better. With depression and anxiety it comes out of nowhere for no reason. At least it does for me anyway. I see my therapist and psych doctor next week. We have been trying different meds for the anxiety with no luck. I also tried CBD oil and it didn’t help my anxiety either. My doctor today said I’m hard to medicate which is true. Haha. However they did speak about Orkambi and Symdeko messing with psych meds at CF conference this year. I’m usually in the less than 1% on the side effects. Meaning I usually have weird side effects but this one I’m not alone on, there are others. Haha. They said that the liver uses up the psych meds before they can be absorbed and used or something close to that. Anyway, I follow up with CF clinic in 6 weeks.

Until next time…

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