In lock up

Hey all! Well the oral antibiotics didn’t do anything and I was getting worse. I was having a hard time maintaining my oxygen saturation. I was dropping into the 80’s when moving around doing anything. I have stayed hooked up to oxygen and gotten up to the lower 90’s when on 4 liters of oxygen. I was originally on 2.5 liters and had to bump it up because I couldn’t get my sats up.

I came to the ER this afternoon because I just couldn’t catch my breath and my sats couldn’t stay up. I am admitted in a room. I’ve had 2 doses of solumedrol steroid, 3 breathing treatments, 3 antibiotics (IV Avycaz, oral Bactrim and oral minocycline), lots of blood drawn, a dose of liquid potassium because my potassium was low (one of the grossest things you will ever have) and the usual nurse/Doctor/respiratory therapist seeing me. I’m still having a hard time catching my breath just sitting doing nothing. Oh yeah, I did lung functions and they are down significantly to 21%/.60 liters. I was at 37% (I think) at the beginning of February. I don’t know how long I’m here but I will keep you posted.

Until next time…

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