2 days of updates from club med

3/27/19: I saw the pulmonary doctor on service and he said I have pneumonia (which basically means I have an infection in my lungs duh). My white count was 20,000 when I came I to the er and came down to 15,000 today. Normal range is around 5,000. So I still have a ways to go. The 3 antibiotics I’m on are fighting whatever it is. I’m Staying on the steroids until I’m not short of breath anymore. Coughing fits are the worst because it takes me a minute to catch my breath after. Going to the bathroom is another task. I did however walk a half a loop of the floor with PT this morning. I had to take a breather.

3/28/19: I had a chest CT which didn’t show any major pneumonia compared to my past ones but did show some area of “fluffiness” which is the infection. Mind you my lungs are full of mucus that holds bacteria all the time, it’s just whether it’s flaring up or not and if we treat my symptoms or not. With all that said they are thinking about changing one of the antibiotics because my white count went back up to 18,000 today. That could be from the steroids or they infection. The floor pulmonary doc is consulting with my doc as to what he wants to do. He mentioned colistin IV and that’s the one that made me have my kidney injury where my creatinine went up to 7 and normal is .5-1.1. If they decide to use it I’m in the right place so they can give me fluids to keep my kidneys flushed and check kidney levels daily. Now how am I feeling you ask…pretty much the same. Just talking and coughing gets me out of breath. I did get more sleep last night even between all the nighttime nurses.

Until next time….

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