Bone density results/weekend update in lock up

So I forget about the online results and notes that my hospital has and got an email that I needed to update it, so I checked it and lo and behold there were the results from dexa scan were there with a note from my doctor. Long story short I have osteoporosis now and not just osteopenia (the step before). I have to continue with the calcium and vitamin D and start to take the fosamax that I haven’t been taking for whatever reason, can’t remember.

As for this here hospital stay I’m super bored! Nothing happens on the weekends in the hospital so I just sit here flipping channels and searching social media…haha. My white count did come down 10,000 so we are heading in the right direction there. I’m still on 2 liters of oxygen and sating in the mid 90’s which is good but the goal is to get me off oxygen again. My belly decided not to play along. I haven’t had a bowel movement in a few days and I’m full of gas I believe so having a full belly makes it hard to breathe on top of not being able to breathe in general.

Until next time…

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