Limbo sucks

Being in limbo sucks. I’m not sick enough for transplant just yet but I’m sick enough to be limited in what I can do. It’s like do I wish to get sicker so I can just get a transplant and be done with it, as if it’s that easy, or what. No I don’t want to get sicker but it’s bound to happen. It’s the nature of having cf. It’s a mind trip to say the least.

I’m having a hard time breathing today. Just feeling short of breath, so I’m hanging out on oxygen at 3L. I did go for labs this afternoon and they were good. My creatinine (kidney level) was good which is one of the major ones we keep an eye on with the colistin IV. I’ll have more labs done on Thursday before my clinic appointment that afternoon. I’m anxious to see what my lung functions will be. I don’t feel like they are great if I were to do them today but I’ve been wrong before. We shall see. I’ll update after my appointment.

Until next time…

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