Hospital follow up

Quick update: My lung function is up to 33%/.94 L from 21% when I went into the hospital. We are happy with those numbers. I was hoping for 30% or over so I’m happy. I did however pull another muscle from coughing and it hurts so bad. I was surprised I did that well on PFTs with it hurting so bad. It hurts all the time but much worse and stabbing when I move and cough. I’m getting some pain meds for it so hopefully they will help take he edge off so I can do a treatment and not be in so much pain. My weight is down just a tad but that’s to be expected when fighting off an infection like I am. I’m still needing oxygen at times. I’m trying to go without while around he house but when I’m out and about I’m needing it. Also I’m sleeping with it as well. I will see clinic in 3 months unless something comes up. I do see transplant clinic next month so I will update after that. Thanks for always checking in on me.

Until next time…

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