All settled in my suite

I got in my room this afternoon and had the usual work up. However my port wanted to cause issue and not draw back (no blood return). They have placed a clot buster in the line and now we wait an hour to see if it worked. Having a port is a blessing for the simple fact that you can have all your labs drawn out of it along with doing all your IVs through it.

My lung function is down again by 1% to 30%\.84L from Thursday. The plan is to start IV colistin along with fluids to help my kidneys with the colistin. I believe we are continuing the IV Zosyn as I’ve been on it for about 10. I believe we are also continuing the prednisone taper I have been on which I will be on 20mg tomorrow for 3 days then down to 10mg for 3 days. I will find that out later.

My oxygen sats have been holding steady around 95. My heart rate lowered once I got settled as well. My blood pressure was a little high when I got here but I’m assuming that’s from my walk in the hospital. They haven’t rechecked it yet. I usually run low so they will keep an eye on it. I also just had a bedside chest X-ray. I don’t know any results from that yet. My X-ray last week showed some opacity which is basically infection.

That’s about all I know right now. Prayers my port works properly and that these new drugs do their thing and help me get to feeling better soon. Thank you for all your love and support.

Until next time…

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