Home sweet home

I got home around noon today from the hospital which is record time for a release.  It helped that I didn’t have to wait for my IV antibiotics to be delivered to me at the hospital.  They delivered them to the house which is nice.  Let me recap the stay for ya…

Monday I got into my room around 2:30pm.  I didn’t get any IVs until around 10pm.  I had to wait for them to attempt to fix some of my home meds which they had incorrectly in the system.  That meant I didn’t get ambien until around 1am.  Unfortunately it didn’t work for me and I didn’t sleep one wink Monday night.  I was on prednisone so that doesn’t help insomnia plus there are just sometimes when ambien doesn’t work for me.  Thus I endured a night of no sleep.

Tuesday morning they still had some of my home meds incorrect.  Luckily the one that really matters, my antidepressant, got corrected.  We didn’t want crazy Shannon.  I did get to sleep Tuesday and Wednesday night thankfully.  I was able to go back to sleep when they would wake me up.  My home meds were still not all correct by the time I left which is frustrating.  By them not being correct I mean that they didn’t have some in there or at the wrong time of day or would try to give me something else in place of it.  They never got my enzymes right which meant I took my own.  That’s fine but it is just annoying to deal with it every time I go inpatient.

I like my routine and being inpatient you are on their routine which is not my usual.  I like being able to do my breathing treatments when I want/need and not having to wait on respiratory therapy to come.  They tried to give me hypertonic saline which I can’t take due to my asthma.  It just makes me cough with no production.  I am a creature of (my) habit and I like that…haha.  I feel like I have more control over my healthcare when I’m at home because I know when I need to do things.  I know the sicker I get, the more control I will have to relinquish but I’m just not ready for it…haha.  It’s not like I think they are purposely trying to mess with my routine it’s just how things are done in the hospital.

I am on IV Zosyn still for another week and IV Colistin for another 12 or so days, making it a total of 14 days of Colistin.  I will have to get labs drawn Monday and Thursday of next week to check all my levels, especially my kidney (creatinine) levels.  I have been tolerating the Colistin well so I don’t foresee any problems as long as I keep up the fluids. Fingers crossed.

Now the big question is “Do I feel better/How are you feeling?”  Well, I’m not as tight in my lungs which is a plus.  I still feel swollen from all the prednisone.  I put on a few pounds from all the prednisone.  I’m hoping to not put on any more…haha.  I feel decent enough.  I was ready to be home.  There are times that I am sick enough to be inpatient and not care that I am there.  I was in a decent mood on Monday when I was admitted but then I didn’t sleep Monday night and my home meds weren’t correct so I got annoyed and made for bad mood Shannon.  I think that is all for now.  I have CF clinic on Thursday the 17th.  I’ll update after my appointment.

Until next time…

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