Clinic day/follow up from hospital

Today was CF clinic day.  It was my normal 3 month check up that turned into a hospital/IV follow up.  It seems to happen that way most of the time.  I have dropped the prednisone weight I gained which I’m happy about because 5 pounds in one week was a bit much…haha.  No worries, I am not losing weight per se, I just had gained weight from being on high doses of prednisone.  I am just fine in the weight department.

My lung functions are back up to my baseline of 36%/1.02L, which is good.  Everything else was good as well like my blood pressure, O2 sats and heart rate, etc.

My labs on Monday showed that my creatinine (kidney level) was slightly elevated to 1.6 (normal high is 1.1) so my doctor wanted labs rechecked yesterday to make sure it wasn’t any higher.  Thankfully it was back into normal range at .96.  I was done with IV Colistin on Monday and that is the kidney/creatinine culprit.  It is hard on the kidneys and with my history of kidney problems we really have to watch it.

Today I also had to get my vitamin levels checked because it has been awhile.  They mainly check my vitamin A, D, E and K.  Those are the one that most CFers are deficient in hence the reason I take special CF vitamins with high doses of those vitamins.  It’s also time for my yearly glucose tolerance test which I HATE with a passion.  CFRD (CF related diabetes) is very common in CF patients because our pancreas already doesn’t work correctly.  Therefore we have to get checked often for diabetes.  Then I was a good patient and brought up that I will be turning the big 4 0 in February so that means I will have to have a colonoscopy per CFF guidelines.  The only good thing about that is the drugs they give you for the procedure…haha.  Once again colon issues are a big problem with CFers so it must be checked.  This is what getting older with CF brings, more tests and problems.  Oh joy!

I am scheduled to go back to clinic in 3 months (January) for a regular check up.  Here’s to hoping I can make it there with no IVs!

Don’t forget we are still fundraising for lung transplant costs.  You can donate at  Thank you for all your generosity, love and support.

Until next time…

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