Trikafta is here!

The wait is finally over.  Trikafta was delivered today!  I will start it tomorrow morning.  Now here is to hoping that I tolerate it well.  I will update after I’ve been on it for a little bit so that I have something to update about.  haha


This will hopefully push lung transplant off even longer.  That just means that we have more time to fundraise which helps my over planning heart/mind. haha  With that said today is Giving Tuesday.  I’m posting the link to my COTA page for anyone that is looking for a place to give today.  All your charitable donations ARE tax deductible since COTA is a 501(3)c.  All your donations go into an account for me/ in my name that will be used for my lung transplant expenses.  We will have to relocate to St. Louis for 3 months when I get a transplant.  That means we have to keep our house in Tennessee afloat AND cover an apartment in St. Louis for those 3 months.  My husband will be my caretaker which means he won’t be working for those 3 months.  With all that said, the more we can raise that better.  Go here ( to donate if you are able.  Thank you so much for the love and support!

Until next time…

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