2 Week Trikafta Update

I’ve had a few people ask how I’m doing on the new medicine so I thought I would update.  Today is day 14 on Trikafta, the new CF medicine.  On day one I noticed a difference in my cough within about 4-5 hours from when I took my first dose.  My cough was more “juicy” and productive.  It was the medicine working to try and clear out the old mucus in my lungs.  I was coughing more and coughing up more than usual as well.  By day 3 my cough had changed back to my usual dry cough and was not very productive (my usual).  I’m coughing less but still having coughing fits as per my usual but they are less intense and I recover faster.  I also recover from being out of breath faster as well.  My sputum (mucus) is lighter in color and thinner (not as thick and sticky).  I’m not coughing as much at night, or at least I’m not waking up to my coughing as much.  I have not had any bad side effects thus far. Yay!

I’m more restless and antsy, more than my usual as well.  I’ve been getting up between 3am-5am to take my antidepressant so that it can get into my system before I take the Trikafta at 9:30am.  I have an alarm set for 6am but it never fails that I wake up and roll over to check the time and go ahead and take the antidepressant.  It’s a good thing I can easily go back to sleep or I would be doomed. haha.  I’m awake off and on between then and when I get up anyway.  I’m awake when my husband is getting ready for work and when he kisses me goodbye in the mornings.  So I don’t get much sleep as it is.  I haven’t sleep a full 8 hours without waking up in so long that I have no clue when that was.  haha

I have CF clinic on January 9th and will do lung functions then.  I’m curious to see what they will be.  Hopefully they are up some.  I’ll update after my appointment on the 9th.

Until next time…

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