I’m 40!!!

I turned 40 on Saturday the 1st!!!  Go me for hitting a milestone in life with CF.  When I was born the life expectancy was 12.  It is now 37.5, I believe.  So to say it’s a milestone that I made it to 40 is maybe an understatement.  I am just so excited to be a 40 year old who happens to have CF and is still kicking butt and taking names!

We flew to Kansas City for the weekend.  My sister threw me a huge party/fundraiser to celebrate.  It was a ton of fun seeing people I haven’t seen in a long while and dancing the night away.  We were able to raise a good amount of money for my COTA transplant fund as well.  I can’t thank my sister enough for all her hard work on the party and everything else she does for me by just being my sister!  I love her the mostest!

We were also super stoked to be in KC for the awesome Super Bowl where our Kansas City Chief won!!  We did however get out of KC before the Super Bowl champs parade madness and cold snap today.

Our parting gift from our trip to KC was that we both got sick.  It hit me on my birthday and I was in bed most of the day Saturday and until noon on Sunday before forcing myself out of bed and to the shower so I could muster up enough gusto for the Super Bowl party at my aunts house.  I did it and I’m happy I did so I could see our Chiefs win with my family.

We are feeling slightly better today so I’m hoping it’s just a doozy of a cold for me.  If it lingers too long and I feel it shift into a “CF thing” then I will call my nurse but for now I’m taking cold meds, hydrating and resting.  Don’t worry I am taking care of myself.

Until next time…

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