Yep, that’s my luck

My first night in lock up….in CCU/ICU was as expected, NO SLEEP and constant flow of people in and out.  If I totaled up my “sleep” from last night, I would have to guess I got about 2 hours.  At 3am I had labs drawn, a chest X-ray taken and nasal swabs. Why at 3am? Your guess is as good as mine. They were completed nonetheless. Earlier in the night I had an EKG along with my first set of nasal swabs. Hahaha. Yesterday was brought to you by the number 2. I’ll explain; 2 sticks to get a peripheral IV for the chest CT with contrast, 2 sticks for a blood gas, 2 sticks to get my port accessed, 2 sticks from the lab tech for blood cultures since they have to be from 2 different sites, 2 sets of nasal swabs. There may have been more of the terrible twos but due to my lack of sleep, I can’t remember. Oh who am I kidding, my memory sucks and everyone knows that. Hahaha

I woke up this morning with horrendous chest/lung pain on my left side along with the pain that I’ve been having on my right. This morning there were a lot of tears shed because of the stupid pain.  I needed a breathing treatment this morning but I knew that meant that the pain was going to be highlighted which meant it wasn’t going to be pretty. I pushed through it. We are still trying to figure out the best pain med combo and timing to get it under control.

What else could make my fist 12 hours in lock up even better on top of all that I have already shared??  “You have the flu.”  I what?? Are you serious?? Yes folks, that’s right, I also have the flu (influenza A) on top of this lovely abscess and all that it brings with it.  How? What? When? Why? Where? Holy moly, I need a break already!  They have pumped me full of fluids to keep me hydrated and are starting Tamiflu.

Oh yeah, I have tolerated the new antibiotic well so I will be moved to the regular CF unit when a bed is ready. Ok, I think that is all for this morning and that is definitely enough. I am going to try and sleep now. I’ll update when there is more to update about.

Until next time…

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