Update: coming to you from everywhere

I have people asking how I am and wanting an update. I wish I had more news to share, good news at that. I still have the really bad pain on my right side. I can pinpoint the pain and push on it and it hurts. The past few days they have been working on pain management, what pain med regimen works best and what timing works best. All I have to say is, they haven’t figured it out yet or the pain is too stubborn and doesn’t want to be controled Haha.  They have been trying pain patches as well, with no luck so far. I have an unusually high tolerance for pain meds. Unfortunately, It usually takes more than you would think it should to work.  It’s a pain in my side that isn’t being dulled that is the problem.

I had a chest X-ray on Monday and it was “unchanged” when compared to my previous one.  Last night I had a chest X-ray along with 4 other pics of my ribs. They are checking for a cracked or fractured rib. The results are that nothing looks out of place or fractured. So that answers that, my body has officially gone off the grid when it comes to having detectable pain and infection.

On an emotional note….I’m ready to hand all of this over for FREE. I’m worn out, tired and hurt. If they can figure out anything to really work on my pain, I’m just going to deal with the pain and power through.  It’s been an emotionally draining trip to lock up this time. We are on day 7 today. Days are blurring together at this point.  I just want to be better and be my old self again.  I’m just not a very pleasant person right now therefore I’m sure I’m not that great of company.  I hate that my husband has to deal with me like this but he is one that can calm me that’s for sure. Ugh, I just want all of this fixed. I’m still waiting for my year to restart because it’s still crappy. Tears are an every day thing. My depression and anxiety have been wreaking havoc for the last month and a half but with 2 admissions 2 weeks apart is bound to make you a little anxious and emotional. A Psych nurse practitioner came to see me today asking how I was doing, asking about my support system and to talk about my psych meds (antidepressant and antianxiety)  because my CF nurse wanted her to. She asked about my support system. I said that I have my Dad, stepmom, sister, brother, sister-in-law, aunts uncles and many friends. She asked where mom was in the picture…… Hello tears! Bring on the sobbing. I said well she passed away on Jan 19th. While sobbing. She said, “oh I didn’t know, I’m sorry to hear that.” We did discuss my meds and she’s ok with the Effexor as it is but suggested a different anxiety med and a different sleep med. I can’t remember the names of them at the moment.

I don’t know how long I’ll be in here. The infection side of things are under control. The abscess/area of infection is unchanged which is good in the sense that it hasn’t grown.  I’m still on the new antibiotic, Zerbaxa every 8 hours. They did make one change and stopped the Colistin and started Levaquin which is every 24 hours. They did that because my sputum culture sensitivities showed that my infection was sensitive to both the Colistin and Levaquin. They decided to change it to the antibiotic that was not hard on the kidneys, so Levaquin here we are. We are just in a waiting period for the pain to be managed. So I wait. 7 days and counting. Many have asked why they don’t just drain the abscess. Sticking a needle in there and attempting to draining it could potentially cause more problems of “leakage” of infection basically. It would be great if they could just stick a needle in there drain it and me be on my merry way. People have been asking around about what I like so they can know what to send me while I’m lock up. I’m really a boring person when it comes to that kind of stuff. I like good ol trash magazines like Ok!,  Us Weekly and People. I like to download movies and shows to pass the time. I like Snickers and Albanese brand gummies. Or you can donate to Shannonigans lung fund instead.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Update: coming to you from everywhere

  1. I hate medical mysteries!! You start questioning yourself because nobody has found the exact cause…just know we love you and are rooting for every small victory that happens…because even a something like the abscess not growing is a small victory, and those small victories WILL start to add up.

    It’s so hard to stay positive when you’re feeling so horrifically bad, when your body just won’t respond the way you want it to. I know you’re probably tired of hearing how strong you are, but you are…you’re still here. You are still fighting, even if you can’t seem to make any major strides forward.

    Keep swimming, my friend. Keep swimming.

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