It’s Parole time!

I haven’t had any more hemoptysis (blood) since the second embolization.  Yay!!!  My groin is very sore where they went in for both embolisms. They went in on the right side for both embolisms.  My chest is a little sore. Since I’ve been laying in bed for the last 4 days, it doesn’t take much for me to ‘overdue’ it.  I washed my hair in the sink and it was just enough to make the pain in the groin more noticeable.  Also, I get short of breath more easily right now due to the embolisms. Basically, my lungs have had a bit of trauma over the last week. 

I got the go ahead to vacate the premises (aka parole time)!!  I am continuing both IV antibiotics, Zosyn (every 6 hours) and Colistin (every 12 hours) as well as the oral Bactrim DS (2 pills, 3 times a day) until June 4th.

Then it’s transplant evaluation trip time! June 6th through the 9th will be jam packed with appointments. I will update about those appointments after the week is finished. I may update tidbits on Facebook but nothing in detail, I will save all of that for the blog.

Home James!   Until next time….

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