Embolization #2 (hoping it’s the last)

I coughed up more blood last night and morning, totaling about 1/4 cup if not more.  Well we know what that means by now. Yep, another embolism.  I went down for the procedure at 10:45am but I didn’t get into the procedure room until 12:40pm. They were so over busy. I made it back to my room around 2:30pm. The best part of getting back to my room was I got the luxury of laying flat for 6 hours!  I had to eat laying down. I had to pee into a bed pan laying down. That is something I would rather not have to do ever again.

I managed the 6 hours flat by taking a nap and eating while laying down, that’s fun.  So far so good…NO BLOOD so far. I think they got it this time, I hope anyway. I’m going to start my begging to go home in the morning. It’s a holiday weekend which means that if I don’t get out tomorrow, I’m stuck in lock up until Tuesday. The reason for that is, I will be going home on IVs (to finish them) and the home health company is a Monday – Friday.

Hopefully, I will be updating from home tomorrow.

Until next time…

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