CF Clinic/Follow up from the hospital

Today’s clinic visit was a follow up from my last admission.  Ya know, the one where I kept coughing up blood, yeah that one.  The visit was short and “sweet” because I had so many other things I had to get done today so I put them on a deadline of when I needed to be out of there.  hahaha  

Vitals are all good, weight is stable, BP and all that are good.  Now to the deciding factor of my life and what I can and can’t do basically…lung functions/spirometry.  My FEV1 was .88 l / 30% which down a few points liters wise but is basically the same as last time.

We discussed whether or not or do a round of oral antibiotics and steroids for this annoying dry and some sometimes productive cough of mine.  “We” decided that I would give it the next 2 weeks to see how I am doing and if no better then we can talk treatment.  The only reason I opted for that is 1 hello it is summer which means if I am able to be in the sun I want to be but more importantly I am heading to visit my sister and her family for a week or so.  I don’t want to be stuck inside on sun sensitive meds and miserable belly aches.  No thank you.  I’m pretty sure I can maintain until my predestined time to be coming home.  If I start to feel too crappy I will load up and head home.

We are getting a plan of action on all the things that Barnes Transplant Eval team wants me to do but with todays appointment needing to be shorter we didn’t get much into that. I will be talking to my nurse about all that later and get it all set up.  Don’t you worry your pretty little heads, I WILL be in pulmonary rehab soon.  hahaha

I see pain clinic tomorrow because the last injection didn’t work so we will have to make another plan of attack which hopefully we can figure that plan out tomorrow.  So needless to say my ribs are hurting a lot again.  It is going to take a long time for them to heal because I can’t take a break from coughing.  Hopefully soon they will be healed.

I think that is about it for today.  It’s late and I need to get to bed.  My sleep is all sorts of messed up.

Until next time…

REMINDER:  The Shannonigans Cornhole Tournament is ONLY 78 days away.  The raffle baskets go live on in ONLY 47 days.  You will be able to buy raffle tickets from afar and claim which items you want your tickets to go to.  This is going to be a lot of fun!!!!

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