Pain clinic update

I forgot to update about my pain clinic follow up. Simple appointment really. Scheduled another injection for July 26th and follow up August 10th. It was most likely that the floating nerve didn’t get hit during he block. So we shall try again. Hopefully this  one works and I may not need another one. Fingers crossed prayers said!!!!

SHANNONIGANS GEAR UPDATE:  Lools like all gear has been delivered! Thank so much to everyone who purchased Shannonigan Strong gear.

CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT UPDATE:  As of now we have collected close to $1,000 worth of items to be raffled off with more to come. I am so blessed with the friends and family I have who have worked hard at getting donations for the tournament. 

I want to put out a challenge to all business owners who follow my blog and Go Fund Me to donate to the Lung Fund!  Let see how much we can raise in a week from large donations from bigger businesses. Who will take my challenge??

I am spending some time with my sister, nieces and nephew this week at the lake which is nice. Sister time!!!!!  

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