IV update along with some ramblings

I called my nurse today and asked for the obligatory 3rd week of IVs.  14 days never seems to get me over the hump.  Although, I would love to be needle free tomorrow, that will have to wait another 7 days.

IVs every 6 hours can get to be very draining, especially when it interrupts your sleep.  I should be needle free next Wednesday the 14th.  Tick tock tick tock.  I am feeling a bit better but still drained and worn out.  My cough has decreased which is good.  I am still using oxygen when doing strenuous things like walking the dogs, grocery shopping or walking a long distance.  I am using it at night every once in awhile, when I really feel like I need it.

Now onto the emotional side of things.  It has been one heck of a month to say the least.  After all that changing meds stuff I decided I couldn’t do it and asked to be put back on the Effexor and to add a different mood stabilizer.  I have been getting better since going back on the dosage of Effexor that I was on.  In the future, if we decide to taper me off of Effexor I will make sure it is one heck of a long taper.  I hate that I have to be a slave to this medicine but if it helps me its what I’ve got to do.  I haven’t had any all out crying/balling for no reason wanting to give up in awhile so that is good.  My poor husband was out of town when I had those and had to “deal” with me on FaceTime.  I was a mess and that’s putting it nicely.  Hopefully we are back on the road to recovery on this one.

The Cornhole Tournament is ONLY 11 days away!!!  I am nervous that no one will show up and I will be left with all these fabulous donated items with nowhere for them to go.  I am also worried no one will sign up to play cornhole. hahaha  I’m a planner and when I don’t get any feedback it worries me.  Oh well, I do know of a few people who will be out there to support team Shannonigans and for them I am thankful.

Through some research and trying to file vouchers with my insurance it looks like they will NOT be paying/reimbursing for our trips to St. Louis for transplant visits.  Looks like they will not pay because I have Medicare as primary and Tricare as secondary.  Yes, everyone thinks that since I have Tricare “everything is paid for.”  That is not the case when it comes to travel, lodging, food, etc.  It is the case when it comes to the medical side of things.  We were banking on them reimbursing our trips to St. Louis so we didn’t have to use the lung fund for that or well reimburse the lung fund when they paid for the travel, lodging, food, etc.  Our last trip to St. Louis was about $700 (if I remember correctly).  On average the trips should be around $500, depending on how many days I have to stay…more days means more hotel nights and more food.  This will deplete the lung fund quicker than we would like.  If you are able to donate, it is greatly appreciated. GoFundMe

Until next time…

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