I’m a winner….

I had CF clinic today for a regular check up.  Nothing seems to be regular about me anymore when it comes to CF and my depression….but anyway.  My weight is just fine and on the high-end of fine.  I’m not a fan but that doctors like it.  Dang medicines making me gain weight.  I might end up being one of those “fat” CFers.  Well I already feel that way but on to the next subject.

I have had a persistent cough, as is per my usual but more than usual, for the last few weeks.  I never know if it is just my usual crappy lungs or if they are playing tricks on me.  I did my lung function/PFTs and they were down 3% since the last time.  Today they were 32%.  When your lung function is as low as mine is, a 3% drop makes a difference.  Unlike someone who has lung functions in the 80’s or 90’s, 3% is just a variable amount and they won’t notice the difference.  Me, on the other hand, notice any little difference because I’m not working with much.


Now for the reason for the title of this post…I’m a winner….  I’m the winner of 2 weeks of IV Zosyn (in the ball every 6 hours) and IV Colistin (IV/syringe push every 12 hours) along with a weeks worth of prednisone.  Yay me!!!  I could have just tried the prednisone over the weekend and seen how I was on Monday to decide on IVs but I said “may as well just get it over with.”  The quicker I get started, the quicker I get done.  Such is my life with CF.

I have a busy next 10 or so weeks so I need to attempt to feel as good as I can.  That always feels like a cruel joke because “feeling good” is different in my world.  I have my ok/good days and my not so good/bad days.  I take what I get and go with it.

As far as my depression goes, I am trying really hard to push myself to do something everyday.  I’ve been walking the dogs with my friend “Ollie” the POC (my oxygen) on my back or I walk at the mall and let the mall walkers lap me because there is no keeping up with those speed walkers.  It doesn’t matter that they are 80, they pass me up!  I think that is all for now.  I need to count all my IV supplies so when home health calls I can tell them how much I have and what not to send.  My closet looks like a stock room at the hospital.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “I’m a winner….

  1. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Here’s hoping that this latest round meds makes a big difference to you and you are able to cross a lot things off of your busy list. Feel better soon.

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