IV time again

I haven’t been feeling great for at least a week if not more.  I kept holding off calling/emailing my CF team because I was hoping it would “pass,” yeah I’m just a little stubborn.  I sent the “white flag” email on Sunday.  Some would like to call it the “Sunday surrender.” haha.

The outcome from my email was being called in for lung functions, labs and a sputum specimen.  The determination was IV Aztreonam every 6 hours and oral Levaquin for two weeks.  We will see how I’m feeling at the end of the two weeks to see if I need a third week.

My depression has been rearing its ugly head as well.  It hard to juggle not feeling well and depression.  It keeps me in bed most of the day.  I have to find things to kick me out of the bed.  I find myself missing working again to give myself something to do and to look forward to.  This is an obvious thing, I can’t work anymore.  Blah blah blah!  Just a little off topic rant…hahaha.

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Until next time…

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