3 Weeks of IVs down

Just a short update:  I finished 21 days of IV Aztreonam on Monday.  The Levaquin was not extended which I am grateful for.  It causes me lots of arthritic pain and makes moving around painful in my joints, all over.  As for how I’m feeling now…I’m decent enough.  I still have a dry sounding productive cough.  I will keep an eye/ear on it.

We have a busy month ahead so I can’t afford to go into the hospital.  I hope it’s just my bronchi being a pain and irritated versus an infection causing my cough, which I would call the asthma/bronchiectasis side of my lung problems.  I hope to make it past the holidays before needing IVs or a one way ticket to “lock up” (aka the hospital).

P.S. I received another blog award…look to the right…Top 75 CF Blogs (number 55)

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 8.40.18 PM

Until next time…

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