Clinic appointment today

After 3 weeks of antibiotics, I am not all the way better.  I still have an annoying cough that wakes me at night.  I cough so hard that I see stars and almost see black…not cool.  Today’s appointment went as follows:  Vitals (all good,  O2 was 96 on 2L), My lung function was FEV1 of 38% / 1.08L which is still stable.  Stable is good when it comes to lung functions.

This cough of mine is so annoying and dry and non productive at times.  We talked about doing more IVs or doing a taper of prednisone thinking this is more asthma related than a CF exacerbation.  We decided on a lovely prednisone taper…60mg for a week then 40mg for a week and then 20mg for a week.  I am not responsible for my actions over the next 3 weeks while I am on prednisone.  I apologize now for any moodiness.  Although I will take the energy that comes with it or should come with it.  Prednisone is a 2 sided drug.  It helps but has some brutal side effects.  I hope it helps me though.

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