3 weeks of IVs complete

I finished 3 weeks of IVs earlier this week.  I do feel better than I did BUT I’m still having coughing attacks.  I’m attributing it more to asthma though.  I was offered prednisone at clinic on Friday (yesterday) but I declined for the time being.  I’m going to hold off and see if treatments and such can help.  We all know how much I love prednisone, NOT!  My lung functions were the same at FEV1 .96L/34%.  My first two attempts were 33% and my last one was the 34%.  I will follow-up in 6 weeks.

It is glucose tolerance test time of the year…booo.  I need to get it done before I got back in 6 weeks.  The reason for the GTT is my pancreas doesn’t work correctly as I am pancreatic insufficient and have to take enzymes when I eat to help with digestion.  CF related diabetes is very common, hence the GTT.  I hate it, so I keep trying to put it off as long as possible…hahaha.  It gives me a bad headache to boot.  We are checking my thyroid since I’ve been really tired.  I’m thinking it is my depression and not having motivation to do anything.  I have only been on the new antidepressant Pristiq for 2 weeks.  Unfortunately it takes at least 4-6 weeks to get to a therapeutic level in your system.  So I have some more time for it to kick in.

As you know I have been having pain in my shoulders for weeks.  I had a MRI of both shoulders last night.  It was torture!!  You have to lay flat with a MRI and squeeze into a small tube.  I tried not coughing but failed…hahaha.  Laying flat was torture.  I coughed quite a bit.  They had to redo just one section on my left shoulder because I was coughing and moving.  After all of that I hope it shows something and that it was worth it.  It may end up being just “frozen shoulders.”  I think taking Levaquin has something to do with the pain but I could be wrong.  Who knows.  All I know is that they hurt.

Until next time…

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