Symdeko update/MRI results

I started Symdeko April 19th.  It started to affect my mood (depression and anxiety), my hair has been shedding and giving me slight acne.  I decided to stop taking Symdeko mainly due to the depression and anxiety issue.  I have not felt like myself in awhile.  I made the decision to stop the Symdeko and the Effexor and find another antidepressant that will hopefully work better for me.  Now I’m thinking maybe I should have just stopped the Symdeko, but I didn’t think it was causing any issues until I realized that was the only new thing.  Now that I’m off of the Effexor I will try my best not to go back on it if at all possible since it was so hard to come off of it.

I had an appointment with my psych doc yesterday and we upped the Pristiq to 50mg because I was feeling no difference at the 25mg dose.  I’m hoping that it kicks in soon because I need a break already.  Depression and anxiety are draining.

Now onto the next order of business the MRI results.  The MRI showed that I have a 50% tendon tear in my left shoulder.  I don’t remember what the nurse said about the right side but I think it is ok. haha  I was just shocked that it showed something after the torture of doing the the MRI.  I am being referred to ortho to see what they will say.  I really don’t want surgery with my lung function being as low as it is but we shall see what they say.

Until next time…

One thought on “Symdeko update/MRI results

  1. I haven’t tried symdecko and I can’t, but I’ve tried kaleydaco a couple times and I’ve always had side effect. It caused my chronic nausea, headaches, dizziness, and joint pain. So I can relate.

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