Medicine balls!


Medicine balls=Happiness, Joy, Freedom!!!!!  I opened my IV supplies that got delivered today and much to my surprise my Zosyn was in a medicine ball and not a bag for gravity flow.  What are medicine balls you ask?  Well they are one of the best medical inventions ever!  It is basically a balloon inside of a ball like thing that has the medicine inside.  You hook it up, unclamp the tubing and let it go.  The balloon that has the medicine inside slowly deflates pushing the medicine in.  It takes 30 minutes to infuse then you flush it off with saline and heparin.  You are good to go until your next dose, which is every 6 hours in my case with Zosyn.

I just wanted to share my excitement of finding out that I would not be stuck to the IV pole 4 times a day.

Until next time…



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