To mask or not to mask

I have had a lot of people ask me my thoughts on wearing masks during this pandemic.  I’ll start with this, it seems to me that wearing a mask is common sense where we are in this time but there are people who are refusing or saying they can’t because of “health reasons” or they “can’t breathe” in a mask.

I have 35% lung functions which means my lungs suck due to scaring and the cystic fibrosis disease process.  CF is progressive and will NOT get better.  There is no cure for CF.  Yes there are great meds to control the symptoms of CF but NO cure!  I have had to wear a mask at CF clinic for years now along with anytime I’m in the hospital and outside of my room.  When I was in need of oxygen I would wear my mask with my oxygen cannula.  Thankfully I haven’t needed oxygen in months but that doesn’t mean I’m “better” in the sense of my CF getting better.

I have seemed to level out on the new medicine, Trikafta.  Meaning that my baseline lung function (my average) of 35% has held steady for about 6 months since starting the medicine.

Ok with all that said.  I NEED you to wear a mask to help protect me and people like me with compromise immune systems.  I know there are some people saying that they can’t wear a mask BECAUSE of their compromised immune system.  I don’t understand that.

My oxygen levels don’t drop when I have a mask on like some claim.  Yes, it isn’t the easiest to breathe in but it is protecting me and I will do what I can to help.  Imagine doctors who are in surgery for hours upon hours with a mask on.  They don’t fall over because they can’t breathe.  They do their job with a mask ON.

Now with me at 35% lung function I wear a mask to run my errands…passing others without masks on.  It is not mandated in my county yet.  It is in some counties joined to us.  Now with the news of Walmart, Kroger, Target and Khols mandating masks in stores.  I guess you have a choice wear a mask or stay home.  It’s not that hard to wear a mask for the time you are in a store.  Most people don’t just to “prove a point.”  I think that point is that you aren’t very educated on the corona virus and want to cause a stink in public.  I want to be able to run my errands, get out of the house and not worry about it.  I am not a fan of the “Karen’s” of the world causing the drama that you see online because they won’t wear a mask.  I guess the “Karen’s” and whatever the male version of a “Karen” is will just be staying home hating life.

So to answer the title of my post…MASK!!!  It could possibly help flatten the curve and not have another major shut down.  Yes we all want to get back to normal but normal will not be normal ever again with this pandemic in sight.  No hate messages please,  I am just speaking from one sick persons point of view.

Until next time…

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