Dodging the germs

It is never easy to dodge the “normal people” sick germs. My bonus son has had a doosey of a time since moving here to Tennessee with colds and such. He has bad allergies so I’m sure that played a role in it all. Two days after coming back from winter vacation in Missouri he got sick. Sick enough to keep him out of school for 3 days which is rare. He hates to miss school therefore he powers through it usually. This time was different. I say all that because who do you think is home with him when he is sick…ME. Me, who has a crappy immune system and has to try really hard to not get whatever he has. He was quarantined to his room and not allowed to touch anything outside of his room until he was feeling better….haha. Lysol wipes and spray were my friend. As soon as he was back to school I stripped down his room and pretty much fumigated it with Lysol. I didn’t manage to get what he had this last time.

He did have a cold that lingered for a good 3 or so weeks a few months ago that I was not as fortunate to avoid. I managed to pull through that one. I did however end up on IVs shortly after “getting over” that cold. Now as far as being in public and around all the sick people during this time of year is difficult. Having CF makes me much more susceptible to any and everything that is floating around in the air. If I get a cold it can easily and quickly turn into something much worse. Many times I end up in the hospital and/or on IVs at home. It is a part of life with CF so I am used to it but that doesn’t make it easy or fun. I choose not to live in a bubble but to use common sense. I do my best to not be around sick people. I hope that people use common sense when they are sick when around me or to tell me you are sick so that I won’t come around. It’s not that I don’t like you but I like not being in the hospital and on IVs much more.

It never seems to fail that I end up sick right around Halloween every year when everyone is starting the flu and strep string for the fall/winter. I can only remember a handful of times that I actually went trick-o-treating when I was a kid because I was usually sick. Growing up my “bad” time of year was always from about October to March/April. My “good” times were summers. My “good” and “bad” times have now blurred together. I have been in the hospital and/or on IVs multiple times in the summers over the years. I am a warm weather person, so when you cut into my pool and sunshine time I am not a happy camper.

Basically germs are bad. I don’t like germs. Germs are not nice to me. I have enough germs living in my lungs, I don’t need anymore. It is very hard to avoid all sick germs this time of year, or anytime for that matter. Sometimes I feel like I should have a hazmat suit on stand-by for times when it seems that everyone is sick around me. Just say no to germs…haha!

Until next time…

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