Appointment update

6:15am came really early since I couldn’t sleep last night.  I finally went to sleep around 2:30pm.  My sleep is all jacked up from the 6 hour time change back to eastern time.  I will be taking a nap after I update you all.

First up was my chest x-ray , it didn’t show anything major.  Most likely the lung pain I am having is either infection or a pulled muscle.  It could still could be a fracture but who knows.  Hairline rib fractions don’t usually show up on x-rays because they are so small and fine.

Next up was the ultrasound of my right upper quadrant of my abdomen. Everything looked fine except for my gallbladder.  It was contracted with cholelithiasis (gall stones).  Your gallbladder is only contracted when you have eaten which I had not eaten in 8 hours since the scan.  The gallbladder constricts when it is processing food.  With all that said, I must have another scan, a hydra scan.  The way I understand it is that in this scan they will give me a medicine that will make my gallbladder constrict and they will look at it.  They are also scheduling me to be seen by general surgery about my gallbladder.  I think I will be having my gallbladder out sometime soon, but we shall see what the surgeon says.  My nurses were out of the office today so they will be setting up those appointments on Monday when they are back in the office.

Next up….I will be starting IVs on Monday when my nurses are back to get it set up.  I believe I will be on Zerbaxa (every 8 hours) and  Colistin (every 12 hours) for 14 days to begin with.  I think that covers it all.

UPDATE:  Home health surprisingly delivered my drugs tonight when I thought it wouldn’t be until Monday.  I will start them tomorrow morning so I can have one more hopefully decent nights sleep.  Hope is the key word since my body is still somewhat on Hawaii time….hahaha.

Until next time…

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